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Caption Writing Distance Learning Course

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Caption Writing Distance Learning Course Stonebridge Associated Colleges, UK Course Description What is it that attracts your eye to the headlines in a newspaper or magazine? The caption is READ MORE

How to Train to Be a Closed Caption Writer - e-How.com

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How to Train to Be a Closed Caption Writer By Cheryl Myers, eHow Editor Writers needed! Closed-captioning and real-time writing jobs are in high demand. The salary for a closed-caption writer READ MORE

Caption Writers Job Description & Jobs

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Caption Writers Job Description & Jobs CareerPlanner.com Job Tasks for: "Caption Writers" Writes captions to describe music and background noises. Watches production and reviews captions simu READ MORE

Web Captioning Overview

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Web Captioning Overview WebAIM.org What are Captions? Captions are text versions of the spoken word. Captions allow the content of web audio and video to be accessible to those who do not have READ MORE

Jobs - How to Become a Captioner - About.com

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Jobs - How to Become a Captioner By Jamie Berke, About.com Legislation stemming from the Telecommunications Act of 1996 making closed captioning on television mandatory has greatly increased the READ MORE
Caption writers describe music and background noises for television programming. They also translate foreign language dialogue into English language captions or English dialogue into foreign language captions and more.
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