10 Tips for Being a Greener Web Designer

10 Tips for Being a Greener Web Designer
By Matthew Magain
July 24th 2008

As web designers, it’s impossible to deny that electricity lies behind everything we do. There is no physical alternative—no part of our job—that is entirely free from energy consumption.

While there’s much debate and controversy and differing statistics concerned with the issue of climate change, there’s one point upon which everyone agrees: reducing the energy that you consume is both good for the environment and good for your wallet.

Sure, we’re all aware of the usual commonsense stuff—take public transport or ride your bike instead of driving, wear a jumper instead of turning on the heater … but there are also specific measures that we web professionals can make.

Here are ten tips that you, as a web designer, can employ to reduce your carbon footprint (hat tip to Brothercake for the inspiration).

1. Buy green energy.
Many electricity providers now offer the option to purchase 100% green energy. Switching to green energy is the most effective way to reduce your emissions, and it’s cheaper than installing solar panels yourself. Running on green energy means you can be safe in the knowledge that your business is no longer contributing to global warming. If you’re not the business owner, research some green energy options and present them to your boss.

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