101 Newsletter Answers

101 Newsletter Answers

Power Communicating With Newsletters
Communicating With Groups
Newsletters are by far the most powerful way to communicate with a group—any group—on a regular basis. By 'group', I mean any bunch of people who share something in common. Members of a family, for instance, or club, church etc. Employees, volunteers (for a non-profit organization), customers, clients, prospects—each of these groups is a perfect candidate for a regular newsletter. A group might be tightly-knit, such as a geographic community (group of dwellings, a whole town, etc) or they might be scattered across the country (or even the world) but still be a group with something in common, like the disabled, car enthusiasts, coin collectors, young mothers and so on.

Paper Or Electronic?
Newsletters can be great fun, they can also be very profitable, or they might just be part of a work project. Whatever your particular angle, 101 Newsletter Answers is here to help. We specialize in the areas of content creation and acquisition and, following on from that, using content to build a loyal readership.

And we don't differentiate between newsletters printed on paper, 'ezines' transmitted electronically, or static web newsletters, either. We believe that a newsletter is a newsletter regardless of how it's delivered to the reader.

Effective Newsletters
The emphasis here is on effective newsletters, which means we focus on content and usage.

We admit to being slightly biased towards helping SOHO (Small Or Home Office) workers, the self-employed, and other people who work from home. That's where our expertise originates. However, whether you are in a micro-business or a multi-national, belong to a non-profit organization or just want to keep in regular touch with family and friends, we've tried to provide material here that you may find useful.

We want to help everyone enjoy the very satisfying and (if you want to turn a profit) very rewarding field of newsletters.

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