A Tea Business in a Box Opportunity
A Tea Business in a Box Opportunity

Our Concept of Tea
"Good friends sharing good tea" That's our moniker and it's what we want people to think of when they see the Our Home Tea logo. "Our Home" because we feel great tea is a drink that can be savored alone, but is a wonderful way to warm a conversation on a winter night, or cool you and family and friends on a hot summer day. We want to bring you to a comfortable place. A place as comfortable as that place you like to curl up with and have those intimate conversations, or just enjoy another’s company.

We also want you to experience tea again, maybe again for the first time as so many of us have grown up with what we call the “bag in a box” tea from the corner store. Yuck!!!

Welcome to the exploration of delicious loose leaf teas from around the world. You will see and taste the difference because the difference is huge.

The “bag in a box” teas are filled with leaves that are “chopped” into small pieces. Loose leaf is whole leaf. Tear open a bag of that “stuff” you have in the cupboard - if you have some old box teas - and steep it. Next to it steep some of Our Home Tea’s loose leaf tea. Then tear open the bag and dump the leaves out on a plate. We need say no more. We invite you to learn more about good and great tea and we hope you invite your friends and family to join you!!!

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