A/V Tronics E-Reporting and Transcription
A/V Tronics E-Reporting and Transcription

AVTranz is the leading provider of digital recording management and transcription services for courtrooms, hearing rooms and public meeting venues throughout the U.S. The Company, based in Phoenix, Arizona, has branch offices in Denver, San Francisco, and Burlington, Vermont.

The Company's intellectual property includes a highly efficient workflow management system, The Court Record Online (TCRO), which facilitates the interaction between courts, lawyers and the AVTranz Crowd of professional digital reporters, transcribers and proofreaders. AVTranz has also developed a set of applications, combined with a collection of web-based collaboration tools that allow the Crowd to work in flexible and highly efficient teams to produce large numbers of transcript pages quickly and accurately. The independent contractors who together form the AVTranz Crowd must meet stringent professional standards, and AVTranz focuses constantly on Crowd growth and professional development. The application of "crowdsourcing" techniques and attention to quality has created a significant competitive advantage for the Company.

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A/V Tronics Corporate HQ
Telephone: 602-263-0885
Fax: 602-263-9699
Toll Free: 1-800-257-0885
Email: Phoenix@avtronics.com
Mailing Address
365 E. Coronado Road, Suite #100
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Tucson, Arizona Branch Office
Telephone: 520-403-8024
Fax: 520-844-8245
Email: Tuscon@avtronics.com
Mailing Address
5151 E. Broadway Blvd., Suite #1600
Tucson, Arizona 85711

Denver, Colorado Branch Office
Telephone: 303-634-2295
Fax: 303-484-5015
Email: Denver@avtronics.com
Mailing Address
600 17th Street, Suite #2800
Denver, Colorado 80202
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