ARO - Business Process Outsourcing

ARO - Business Process Outsourcing

ARO, Inc. provides leading-edge business process outsourcing (BPO) for companies. Eight years ago, our business model drastically changed to focus on a distributed workforce. This means we can save a lot of costs by using an at-home workforce. Since then, we have deployed this distributed workforce for an array of initiatives to serve various industries such as insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy, and seminar/training. ARO's business model has always centered on using our remote workforce for the majority of this process. What does this mean for you? It’s very simple, we save you a lot of money in facility, cubicles, turnover and the like which in turn increases your quality, saves you a tremendous amount of money and best of all make your costing model variable instead of fixed. Our full range of services includes call center activities, back-office, outbound CRM, customer interaction, forms processing, and web-based information solutions. ARO offers a complete selection of services to help your bottom line.

We are innovative. We are flexible. Best of all we can deliver solutions that generate operational efficiencies and drive new growth opportunities throughout your enterprise.

ARO has taken this business model to our industry sectors and proven that this business model is superior to the premise based approach. Our approach is not conventional, but our clients will tell you that it is very effective. This business model is grounded on a couple of fundamental strengths. First, through the advantage of tapping a larger and more experienced workforce of baby-boomers, we simply can hire the right people. The right person translates into low turnover, decreased training costs, and higher productivity. It doesn’t get any better. Second, our lower overhead by eliminating the footprint of a fixed facility saves untold cost. We here at ARO don’t even think about having to expand a facility or find a new location for our expansion. Our at-home workers can worry about that for us!

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