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Absolute Transcription strives to ensure complete confidentiality to our physicians and their patients, while providing an easy means of dictation and medical transcription services. Absolute Transcription was founded to provide superior medical transcription service in various branches of medicine. We specialize in medical transcription, however, we accept general transcription.

Absolute Transcription has been in business specializing in medical transcription since 1999. Amy Barton Adams, founder and president, has over 15 years of experience in the medical field. Amy has worked side by side with physicians in clinics and hospitals gaining great knowledge. Amy understands what physicians' expectations are and requires the medical transcriptionists to meet and exceed those expectations with every transcription.

Absolute Transcription is located 10 miles west of Oklahoma City. We offer the low Oklahoma prices. All of our medical transcriptionists are screened, tested, and require experience before a position is offered. We have a rigorous Quality Assurance program in place to ensure your dictation is accurate and timely. Our medical language specialists are up-to-date on new medical terminology and drugs and follows the AAMT rules and guidelines. Absolute Transcription only hires transcriptionists in the US.

We transcribe standard, microcassettes, mini cassettes, and digital files uploaded to our Absolute system. You may upload, retrieve,automatic print, and search your documents - all with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. The software is intuitive and very easy to use. We provide HIPAA-compliant, transcription services with very high security and encryption. This software enables us to have a very fast turn around time ("TAT"), from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 48 hours. Our transcription services are tuned to our clients' needs. Absolute Transcription provides the absolute experience you are looking for.

If your needs are urgent, please send us a message, and you'll get a priority quote. You may also call our main office at 405.265.9171.

You get the complete package with Absolute Transcription!

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Anonymous says: 2014-11-29 20:26:34
Not good company. got cheated out of 400.00 dollars

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