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Advanced Focus
Executive/National Headquarters
44 East 32nd Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10016

About Advanced Focus / What We Offer
Advanced Focus was founded by Todd Biederman, a seasoned market research professional who began his career in qualitative research in 1989. In 2002, Todd opened Advanced Focus and transformed a 4 person recruiting house, to a full service recruiting firm and focus room facility.

We offer comprehensive recruitment services with specialty demographics including (but not limited to): consumer, business-to-business, medical, patients, high-tech, elite professionals and teen markets. We also offer ethnographies and product placements.

Our brand new facility has four state-of the art conference suites each designed to maximize the creative process while our imbedded technology and highly qualified staff will make sure your focus groups or interviews move smoothly and efficiently.

What type of experience will I have at Advanced Focus?
Our client’s experience at Advanced Focus is always a remarkable one. Our goal, is always to exceed your expectations. After we are awarded the recruit, we respectfully consider ourselves to be a member of your team. Your project will begin in Project Management. Clients receive a dedicated project director for every project. Our project directors are each experienced in the qualitative field and are unique in that they each have hands-on qualitative recruiting experience. Your project director will send you daily updates and feedback about the progress of your job, so you are never left in the dark. This department oversees the entire process beginning with compiling sample and selecting appropriate recruiters. Then, closely manages the progress of the recruit, ensures that the validation process is moving quickly and begins the four-step confirmation process. Your project director will make it a priority to address unexpected challenges by documenting, communicating, and resolving issues immediately to avoid unnecessary delays.

Each project is taken care of and given the proper attention by not only project management, but by all departments at Advanced Focus. Our Database Department works with Project Management to make sure that the appropriate lists are gathered. We are very sensitive to past participation and security so you will never see the same respondent more than once. The database team has a wide collection of current reference materials for those recruits where we have to go beyond traditional recruit methods. Our database team is constantly growing our network of consumers, business and medical professionals to give us the widest pool of respondents to screen from.

Our Recruiting Department has 36 stations. Each recruiter goes through the Advanced Focus training program and is trained in Consumer, Medical and Business Recruiting. It’s important that every person working at Advanced Focus, inside and outside of the recruiting department, is equally skilled at recruiting all types of jobs: from B2B client lists, physicians, patients, and database consumers to name a few. Our recruiting supervisors are working side-by side with the recruiters each day, evening and weekend so you will always be able to reach someone at Advanced Focus directly to let us know about last minute changes, or if you have questions or concerns. We even give you our cell phone numbers.

Before you see any of the recruits screened in the Recruiting Department our Validation Department re-screens every respondent. Our validators call-back our recruits 24 hours after initial screening to re-ask the pertinent qualifying questions. We validate so we can offer each recruit to our clients with absolute certainty that the respondent has fully understood the question asked of him or her and has provided the most honest answers. We take this extra step as an added value to our clients so everyone is comfortable with the respondents the day of the focus group or interview.

Advanced Focus specializes in qualitative research. Our unsurpassed expertise in the recruitment and coordination of focus groups and in-depth interviews ensures that our client needs are ideally matched. We achieve excellence through careful profiling aided by a multi-stage qualification process, timely responses, and maximum attendance for all of our focus groups.

At Advanced Focus we value contrary opinions and strive to understand others by actively listening to their concerns and perceptions. We take the time to explain issues and answer your questions. Our professionals exemplify the highest standards of personal and professional ethics and are honest and open at all times.

Our goal at Advanced Focus is to become a world-class market research firm, specializing in swift execution and client confidentiality and discretion. We work as a team to bring the highest quality of services to our clientele.

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