Advertising Agency Copywriter Career Profile

Advertising Agency Copywriter Career Profile
By Apryl Duncan,

Job Description for Copywriters:
Copywriting jobs in an ad agency will have you working at an agency that handles multiple clients or a company's in-house agency, meaning the client is the company and they do not handle advertising for other companies. If you accept one of these copywriting jobs at an agency, you will work on the creative team and you'll usually report to the Creative Director. A copywriter's main focus is on writing for ad mediums like print ads, brochures, Web sites, commercials and other advertising materials.

Salary Range for Copywriters:
$32,927 - $52,166 for a Level I copywriter, with some Level III copywriters reporting a salary of $78,014.

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Apryl Duncan is an advertising and PR pro with more than a decade of experience working in the advertising, television, marketing and public relations industries. She's currently a freelance copywriter and online career course instructor helping budding ad gurus enhance their careers.

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