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Since 1985, AERO COLOURS has been repairing chips like nobody else. We were the first company to market an airbrush touchup process for repairing stone chips on automobiles. We began by providing this service to auto dealerships throughout the state of California. What began as a two-man operation working from the garage of a rented house has grown to over 200 units processing over 200,000 vehicles each year in North America and in Europe. In 1995, AERO COLOURS corporate headquarters moved from Sacramento, California to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Initially, AERO COLOURS offered chip and scratch repair to automobile dealerships. However, an ever-changing automotive market demanded that we provide additional services to meet the needs of the increasingly more sophisticated customer. In 1995, AERO COLOURS hired a full-time Research and Development Manager to assist franchise business owners and managers meet the demands placed upon their businesses. In doing so, minor bumper repairs were introduced along with two and three stage blending capabilities. Since then, AERO COLOURS has introduced processes that repair cracked and dented bumpers along with our own clearcoat product that was designed for our kind of mobile service.

We are experts in paint repair. If a paint problem can be fixed from a mobile unit, we do it and do it well, for less.

Franchise Fee
$ 10,000 to $125,000
The typical exclusive territory includes approximately 70 new car dealerships and is priced at $25,000.

Smaller territories can be arranged and the franchise fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Chevy Express Van $10,000 to $20,000 This is the approximate cost of a used van.
Working Capital $ 15,000 Estimated capital reserve required to operate your business.
Van Equipment & Set-Up $14,000 Required painting equipment and supplies.
Total $ 49,000 to $174,000 Net Worth $50,000

P.O. Box 385846
Bloomington, MN 55438

Phone: (800) 696-2376
Fax: (952) 942-0628

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