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About Aerus, The Healthy Home Experts
Helping every home become a Healthy Home...
Aerus provides Franchisees with best in class products and services to accomplish our mission of helping families create homes that are healthier, safer and more inviting. Our Franchisees offer Aerus solutions in an ever growing, multi-billion dollar market which include innovations such as a Class II Medical Device with patent pending UV filtration to provide the best air purification, furnace filters with the highest filtration efficiency in the market, a sealed, true HEPA floor care cleaning system featuring an unprecedented 25-year limited warranty, and EPA approved, safe and effective formulas for allergy and odor control. Our mission is to help every home become a healthy home.

As a Franchisee you can inspire people to live well...
Since 1924, Aerus has been providing families with solutions to create a healthy living environment. Through over 500 franchised locations across North America and through Aerus Healthy Home Consultants, we have educated millions of customers on how to provide a healthier and safer home. Our mission is to not only to make homes healthier, but also to make lives better, healthier and more fulfilling. We are also committed to providing the best Franchise Opportunity in the world.

Our Franchisees are passionate about their work...
Franchisees are surrounded and supported by people who want to inspire them to succeed. Our Franchisees believe in what they do and what they offer families, the benefits they deliver, and the opportunity for financial freedom that they offer to others.

Be part of something vital...
We started with an idea but it is the individual people who are part of Aerus that have made our vision a reality for so many. Passionate people. Caring people. Dedicated people. People who bring our values to life. People who are best in class.

AERUS is...
INFORMED - We are experts on what it takes to create a healthy home and are passionate about sharing this information with our customers.
CARING - We take a personal interest in each and every franchisee, associate and customer.
PROFESSIONAL - Our vast experience and knowledge help enforce our high standards of service.
ACCOUNTABLE - We are responsible, and we can always be counted on to do what we say.
AUTHENTIC - We are sincere and uncompromising in our commitment to helping families create safe and healthy environment.
INNOVATIVE - We are the first to offer the latest technology. We stay ahead of trends.
ECO-FRIENDLY - We are aware of our environment and offer products that are safe for people, pets and the planet.

Qualifications & Process
The Full Franchise and Associate Franchise Programs are open to all qualified candidates. Candidates must meet Aerus' criteria regarding management capabilities, the ability to learn our business, financial condition and personal integrity.

The primary qualifier to become a successful Aerus Franchisee is having the understanding that success is not determined by the amount of capital available for investment, but rather it is determined by one's effort and time personally invested to effectively execute the Aerus systems & programs. We like to refer to this as "sweat equity."

Adequate capital is important, however, to get started, a new Aerus Franchisee will be required to have access to between $10,000 and $30,000 of capital for an Associate Franchise Program and between $50,000 to $100,000 of capital for a Full Franchise, depending on the location selected and respective start-up costs. Financing is available for well-qualified applicants.

Contact us by either emailing or calling 1-800-243-3589 and we will walk you through a very simple process.

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