Affiliate Pro Script

Affiliate Pro Script

Affiliate software in PHP
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Affiliate pro is the professional PHP affiliate software that has advanced features to build professional network of webmasters selling your products, goods, membership subscription, or services. Main task of our affiliate software is tracking of leads, clicks, and sales then according to systemsetup give certain commission to affiliates who referred customers to your website. This system could be used both for online and offline payments (check/wire/etc) accepted by your eCommerce website. Your affiliates can invite the other webmasters to become affiliated with you. Though they will receive second tier commission if a person referred to an affiliate buys someting. Our affiliate marketing software allows using unlimited depth of tiers. Affiliate PRO is the best affiliate program software on the market, because it is very flexible, customizable, user-friendly, easy to use and the most affordable affiliate software for professional affiliate marketing.

Affiliate PRO is a turnkey and ready to use affiliate website software, that is the best choice from available php affiliate scripts.
For better understanding what we can offer please follow this steps:
1) Visit 'Why Choose Us' page to check out why affiliate pro is better than other affiliate scripts available on the market. You can see benefits of our scripts in comparison with the other and definitely can take some interesting ideas that could be implemented in your system.
2) Visit DEMO the server to make sure this script is what you need. Demo server could be used to register in as a test affiliate and you can even integrate demo server into your wonderful site and make test payment.
3) Go ahead and BUY your copy for only $49 with full installation, integration services, language support and many useful things more...
4) Detailed documentation could be found here.
5) If you have questions or want to get more information about Affiliate PRO you can visit HELP page where you can contact our support.

Why you may need affiliate software?
70% of success of any business depends on the effective marketing. Advertising is something that makes a sale for you, and you have to work in the marketing area to get great results. You can do advertising yourself and it can be really successful, however sooner or later you can realize that business should be extended to grow up - you just have no time to do everything by yourself. You have to open new branches to get more attention from web surfers to your goods & services. In this way, you should hire someone or even few person to build additional advertising platform for you. However, it is important to get them great stimulus for selling your products rather than getting profits from you. Giving certain commission from each sale to the person who made sale is very good and efficient strategy. This way both you and advertiser could be satisfied:

* Advertiser gets commission from his work because the more customers he refer to your site, the more sales he can make and the more money he earns.
* You, as an owner of the system can build exact marketing plan with all expenses calculated in it, because you are paying only for real sales and no extra costs. It is safe for you to avoid unexpected payouts.

Keep in mind that if you do everything by yourself, even if you're successful and work hard, you can only increase sales linear. However when you build affiliate network and each of your affiliates will do the work you do increase ofsales that could be very perspective. Each affiliate can also refer other affiliates into your network and get commission from the commission he makes. Doing that, he extends your affiliate network. Starting at this point you can concentrate on offering better services for your customers and advertisement will work by itself. You can always build strict business plan with fixed expenses for marketing without any surprises at the end.

Affiliate PRO includes affiliate manager software part, that allows auto-affiliate network business process and handling affiliates, commissions, possible refunds, support, statistics to analyze results. Using affiliate pro you can have this from the first day till it all grows into a big site without any troubles.
List of features available in affiliate software:

Affiliate program commisson options:
1. Pay per sale affiliate commission (for example, 20% from sales).
2. Flat rate per sale commission (for example, $10 per sale).
3. Pay per click (unique visits).
4. Pay commission for the first sale only.
5. Pay per impressions.
6. Any combination of per click, fixed per sale, per cent per sale, perimpressions could be setup.
7. Proccess recurring commissions.
8. 5 different levels of commission that could be applied to certain affiliate account.
9. 2nd tier commission adjustable by administrator.

Available marketing options for affiliates:
1. Flash banners
2. Image banners
3. Textual links
4. Plain links
5. Links to refer other affiliate to the system (2n tier)
6. Ability to add custom marketing materials

Available payout options:
1. PayPal
2. PayPal mass payment
3. Bank transfer
4. Bank check
5. Epassporte
6. Moneybookers
7. CapitalCollect
8. Fethard
9. Ikobo
10. Addition payout system could be added easily.

Charts for administrator to analyse efficiency of marketing:
1. Transactions
2. Recurring sales
3. Statistics for period (monthly, half-monthly, bi-weekly, daily)
4. Traffic chart per month
5. Payout chart per month
6. Affiliate profits per click
7. Affiliate earnings chart (per affiliate)
8. Chart showing statics per country
9. Statistics per product chart

Administration area functions
1. Ability to group products and adjust settings in product group.
2. Manage unlimited affiliate accounts.
3. Integrated mailing system (from administrator to all affiliates, approved/non-approved affiliates)
4. Tiers tree depth can be adjustable from administration control panel
5. Can limit how many 2nd tier affiliates could be referred on the same Tier Level
6. Ability to create printable version of reports.
7. Can export any report to Excel format
8. Charts for different types of statistics
9. Manage affiliate accounts.
10. Upload banners and create text ads to be used by your affiliates
11. Manage and view statistic of all sales
12. Manage payouts for affiliates
13. Adjust color settings for affiliates control area to fit your site design.
14. Ability to create several administrator accounts
15. Allow to create News block
16. Support of multiple currencies
17. Support of converting the currencies
18. Administrator can add new language from administrator interface.
19. WISIWIG editor for Terms And Conditions page and for News
20. Adjustable N-tier for affiliate commission.
21. Embedded ticketing system for support

Affiliates area features
1. Opportunity to see available products
2. Contact support using embedded ticketing system
3. Get 2nd tier link to refer other affiliates to the system
4. Get image, flash, text or plain linking codes
5. Activity chart
6. Traffic statistics and chart
7. Sales statistics and chart
8. Payout statistics and chat
9. Adjust personal profile

Supported integration with following systems:
1. 2checkout
2. PayPal
3. WebMoney
7. ShopFactory
20. Yahoo Store
21. Mambo-chargePlus
23. 1ShoppingCart
24. XTCommerce
25. Mal's eCommerce
26. DL Guard
27. WP e-Commerce
28. Actinic
29. CRE Loaded
30. CartManager

Integration documentation available here
Tehcnical information:

1. MySQL database driven.
2. All pages written in PHP and script is NOT encrypted
3. Can be installed on a virtual hosting account.
4. Template driven design, you can change design for your own.
5. Automated and easy to use installation wizzard.

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