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AffiliateRunner Software

About Us
Our mission is to provide our customers with working solutions for their business needs!

We developed AffiliateRunner after our research indicated the strength of Affiliate programs in marketing Websites - due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Web owners aim to increase their exposure and drive their sales, and Affiliate programs are the way to do it. New partnerships and resulting sales get complicated without an efficient way to track and organize them - that's where AffiliateRunner comes in!
AffiliateRunner helps you track the success of your affiliate relationships by managing the details for you - such as click-thru rates, resulting sales, commissions, emails to partners, and everything else that's important to you.

With AffiliateRunner you get all you need for managing and controlling your campaign more effectively, more efficiently and more conveniently!

Our Staff:
Our support staff is working around the clock to assure that your affiliate campaign is running smoothly. Please always feel free to contact us with any questions you have or for advice about affiliate programs. Your success is important to us.

Let the AffiliateRunner and our staff Run it all for you!

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