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Start a stylish new career with Alabama Southern's cosmetology certificate program.

Spas, beauty salons and nail care centers have become relaxing havens from today's hectic world. Certified cosmetologists enjoy rewarding careers interacting with people in a creative, hands-on environment. Earn a Cosmetology certificate from Alabama Southern, and start your stylish new career today!

Alabama Southern's Cosmetology Certificate Program is designed to prepare you for a promising career in the art of beauty and qualify you to take the Alabama Board of Cosmetology licensing exam. In approximately one year, you can be working in an exciting profession that allows you to help people look and feel better about themselves.

A Great Learning Environment
Alabama Southern's cosmetology lab located on the Thomasville campus is one of the most modern and best-equipped in the South. You'll learn the art and science of beauty care through hands-on experience with hair styling, permanent waving, facials, hair coloring, waxing, nail care and more.

Our instructors stay at the forefront of the beauty industry and frequently attend national conferences and shows to make sure you are learning the most current techniques and styles. Our courses prepare you to enter an exciting career as a cosmetologist, esthetician, stylist, manicurist, platform artist or other beauty-related job such as beauty supply representative, make-up artist, or retail beauty supply sales. Certified cosmetologists can earn $20,000 to $30,000 depending on their level of expertise, number of hours worked and the building of clientele. For more information concerning employment trends and earning potential, please refer to the U.S. Department of Labor

After you graduate, you will be required to take a written and practical exam administered by the Alabama Board of Cosmetology to become a licensed cosmetologist. Once you have your license, you will be eligible to be employed as a licensed cosmetologist.

Changing Styles, Changing Attitudes
Styles have changed, and so have consumers. Once men went to barbers, and women went to salons. Now, cosmetologists provide services for both sexes.

Likewise, cosmetology, once considered a woman's profession, now offers career opportunities for both men and women. In fact, male graduates of our program have built successful and prosperous careers in this field. Alabama Southern offers many programs that provide access to gender equity employment.

Alabama Southern's Cosmetology Program prepares you for on-the-job success. Students will take 52-53 semester hours in Cosmetology courses including:
* COS 111 Cosmetology Art and Science
* COS 113 Chemical Methodology
* COS 121 Colorimetry
* COS 131 Aesthetics
* COS 132 Aesthetics Applications
* COS 133 Salon Management Technology
* COS 151 Nail Care
* COS 152 Nail Care Applications
* COS 156 Career & Personal Development
* COS 167 State Board Review
* COS 181-182 Special Topics

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