American High-Tech Transcription & Reporting
American High-Tech Transcription & Reporting

Law Enforcement & Police Transcription

We Transcribe Reports of All Kinds
Witness/Suspect Interviews
Recorded Statements
Wire Taps/Body Bugs
Traffic Accident Reports
Fire Reports
Crime Scene Investigations
Jail Phone Calls

Officers and fire personnel who dictate reports have the time to be more thorough without going into overtime. Reports can be dictated four to five times faster than they can be written or typed.

With today's shrinking budgets, increase your officers' effectiveness by having them dictate reports and interviews. Outsourcing transcription saves about 30% to 40% of the cost of typing in-house. Stop departmental leaks. Avoid conflicts of interest. Outsource your Internal Affairs investigations.

All employees and independent contractors undergo criminal background checks.

Business & Education
American High-Tech Transcription can access and transcribe your digital sound files to provide you with verbatim transcripts of meetings, interviews, and other web events. You can also post your digital files to a web site and we will transcribe them stenographically and send the text back to you via e-mail. Call us for information on our satisfied clients and prices at 727-535-1066.

Conferences, Seminars & Conventions
If you are recording your conference or seminar speakers, American High-Tech Transcription can provide you with verbatim transcripts of each speaker on an indexed CD.

This is an excellent way to bring the convention home to those who could not attend. Having the text of the speeches on disk and being able to read them and do key word searches saves significant time over trying to listen to audio tapes. It will also save you money.

Call us for information on our satisfied clients and prices. Remember, all our transcription is done by court reporters at double or triple the speed of ordinary keyboard typists. Therefore, our production speeds save you money!

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