America's Fleet Service
America's Fleet Service

We're the forerunners in on-site fleet maintenance.
And we're here to serve you!
Is your fleet maintenance program in order, compliant, up-to date, and meeting standards?

Will your current maintenance program help or hurt the reliability and longevity of your fleet?

America's Fleet Service, Inc. offers a better maintenance solution for your business.

We want to help your business by providing easy, convenient, time-and-money-saving service. At AFS, we do this by assessing the need and the use of trucks. We then establish an individualized program and plan, complete with scheduling, tracking, and calling to service vehicles when due, so you can spend more time on doing what you do best—growing your business. We take care of the maintenance while you take care of the rest.

Enjoy a tremendous return for your efforts!
Here are some facts to consider:
* There is a low initial investment, startup cost, and overhead
* You can operate out of your home
* A Comprehensive training program, including technical, sales, marketing, and estimating service rates, is available
* The focus is business to business only
* You can join a rapidly growing market, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation
* You will provide a valuable and essential service to businesses

America's Fleet Service, Inc.
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