Apple - iTunes Affiliates

Apple - iTunes Affiliates

Partner with iTunes
Add the world’s #1 music download store and best digital jukebox to your marketing mix. Record labels, film studios, television networks, businesses, institutions, and colleges and universities are partnering with iTunes to drive their promotions and marketing programs. Now you can, too.

Content Providers
As an iTunes content provider, you’ll reach millions of music and video lovers through your partnership with iTunes. Once your content is on the iTunes Store, use our marketing programs to help maximize your sales, increase your visibility, and grow your fan base. Learn more

Companies and Organizations
Let iTunes help you make the most of your marketing efforts. Consider joining the iTunes Affiliate Program — a way for you to drive traffic to an artist, album, movie, or other media available on the iTunes Store. Use iTunes Gift Cards as client pleasers. Or propose your own creative plan for partnering with iTunes. Learn more

iTunes Tagging
iTunes Tagging helps you interact with your listeners in a powerful new way while earning commissions on songs sold on the iTunes Store. With an iPod connected to a compatible HD Radio or car stereo system, your listeners will never again wonder “what song was that?” Instead, they’ll tag songs they hear on your station and download them from iTunes later. Learn more


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