Ardent Services, Inc

Ardent Services, Inc
Ardent Services, Inc. provides comprehensive evaluation services including Customer Service, Merchandise Integrity, Store Standards, Competitor Performance Comparison, Competitor Price Comparison, Associate Integrity and Associate Morale.

Companies' bottom lines, gross margins, and customer loyalty is impacted greatly by associate morale, customer service, merchandise standards, price levels, and internal theft. Having a report card that is accurate, current, and at your fingertips is paramount. Ardent Services provides the data needed to evaluate these areas properly in an effort to attract and retain customers, build sales, and increase profits.

Ardent Services, Inc. has evolved from the service industry, with over 20 years of actual customer relation and store operation experience. We have and continue to practice, preach, and live putting the customer first with the respect they deserve. Because of our passion and dedication, you will only receive quality information that will help your business be the best.

Ardent Services, Inc.
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