Arkansas Beauty School

Arkansas Beauty School
5108 Baseline
Little Rock, Arkansas 72209


Fifteen Hundred (1500) clock hours of training and general instruction are required to complete the course. The training course can be completed in about 11 months for day classes and 12-16 months for night classes. The complete cosmetology course is divided into several sections. All students must complete 1500 hours of theory and practical training, complete all practical work with a 75% or higher grade point average, complete all written exams with a 75% or higher grade point average, and pass a final exam with a 70% on the written and a 75% on the practical. Tests on all subject material are given at the end of each chapter.

State Requirements Include:
Hygiene and Sanitation 80 hours
Related Sciences 120 hours
Manicuring 100 hours
Salesmanship and Shop Management 50 hours
Cosmetic Therapy 100 hours
Hairdressing 1000 hours
Shop Deportment 50 hours

Upon completion of the course, the Student will have:

* The ability to perform the cosmetology services offered in a Full Service Salon.
* The ability to use the professional products correctly and in a safe manner.
* The ability to analyze and test the quality and condition of the hair, skin and nails.
* The ability to explain the services and products to the patron in a logical and intelligent manner.
* The fundamental knowledge to manage a cosmetology salon after a reasonable amount of experience as an observant employee.
* The privilege of entering an industry that has no limits to the opportunities available to those who have the ambition and desire to achieve.

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