Austin Kade Academy

Austin Kade Academy
646 South Woodruff Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 03404

About Us
At Austin Kade you will learn more than the requirements to pass a state board exam to gain a license. You will learn to become a professional and implement technology to aid yourself in becoming efficient with your time as well as managing client relations. You will learn how to promote yourself with aids such as blogs and how to keep in communities with our clients by means of email, text and instant messaging. Our goal is not to just teach you how to do hair but rather how to be considered extraordinary in your craft and how to build a business that will bring the income you want. We don't just want students to graduate; we want them to be successful and we believe our long-term future hinges on your success. We want a relationship that extends past your time in school. We hope that as you continue to advance in your career you will use as a sounding board or help in creating a business plan. Our desire is to have a family environment, one of giving back to the community and creating positive relationships. Our vision is to educate and empower our students to be able to reach any goal they set.

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