Azuli Skye Opportunity
Azuli Skye Opportunity

Welcome to Azuli Skye!
What started as a hobby has turned into a life changing passion for me and our Azuli Skye Consultants.

A few years ago, a dear friend and I got together with a group of women to make Mother's bracelets with our children's names and birthstones.

Soon, I was receiving requests from these friends to have parties of their own, not just to design Mother's bracelets, but to choose jewelry in their favorite colors.

Before long, mainly from word of mouth, I was having more parties than I'd ever dreamed possible. I quickly discovered these parties were about much more than sharing a love of jewelry.

I had a lot in common with my guests - we were mostly all stay-at-home moms with very young children in need of some "Me" time! Our get-togethers were a chance for all of us to relax and reconnect, and after every one, I had such a wonderful, satisfied feeling.

After one of the parties, I felt the challenge to find a way to offer this experience to other women.

This is how Azuli Skye was born!

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Azuli Skye LLC
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Karla Thomas says: 2009-05-09 02:32:16
I love this business! Fun, Gorgeous Jewelry, Very Consultant friendly, Endless possibilities for growth and income!

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