Barefoot Books - Start Your Own Business
Barefoot Books - Start Your Own Business

Our story, our vision

Growing Up Barefoot
When we started Barefoot Books in 1993, we were abandoning the security of the corporate world to risk doing something we believed in. With young families to care for, we wanted to work in a way that would enable us to be close to our children, so for several years, our homes were also our offices. We also wanted to make a difference not only with the books we created but also with the way we did business.

When you start out, no one has heard of you, and you wonder if anyone is going to listen to what you have to say. No one was publishing books quite like ours would anyone buy them? We believed they would; we just had to find our way to parents and educators who shared our values. This is what we care about: first, we're convinced that it's never too early to introduce children to other cultures. We believe too that children can appreciate high-quality art, and enjoy the music as well as the meaning of language from a very early age. They deserve the very best, and they are dependent on their elders to help them make connections between themselves and others, between nature and culture, between learning and living. They need their parents' and teachers' interest, involvement and time.

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