Barefoot Parties Opportunity

Barefoot Parties Opportunity

Lisa Hammond founded Femail Creations, a mail order catalog born out of her passion to celebrate and inspire women, over a decade ago. Now Lisa is taking that same passion to an entirely new level with Barefoot Parties.

A lot of people talk about overcoming unbelievable obstacles to achieve their dreams.

Lisa Hammond wrote the book on it.

In her best selling, hilarious book, Dream Big, the Barefoot CEO and founder of Femail Creations writes about the heartfelt ups and downs of the journey of pursuing a dream and finding the courage to follow a vision.

When Lisa founded Barefoot Parties she did so with that same courageous spirit and an even bigger dream. She dared to dream of a company that would give every woman who wanted the opportunity the chance to have her very own business.

Lisa wanted to inspire women to gather together and renew their spirits. Barefoot Parties are all about the spirit of kicking off your shoes, relaxing and having a good time! Lisa wanted to create an opportunity for women to shop at a company where every purchase was empowering literally everyone who created, gifted, shopped, hosted or marketed the products.

To truly appreciate how unique this business is you have to understand the fundamental difference between Barefoot Parties and other companies. Most companies find a product then bring it to market to make a profit. There's nothing wrong with that, because that's how most commerce is done. But for Lisa Hammond, selling another widget was never enough. She started with a mission to make a difference, and then figured out how to form a company that would fulfill that vision. She started by selecting unique and heartfelt merchandise. Then she set up a system to distribute these products so everyone who helped spread the word could earn income just by sharing, recommending and referring. Lastly, she wrapped the concept up in a relaxing, exciting party format that is so refreshing people actually want to attend.

Barefoot Parties are about giving meaningful gifts and the opportunity to create meaningful work. When we dream we dream big! We are here to inspire, empower and ultimately change the lives we touch with our vision, our products and our passion.
Kick your shoes off and have some fun!

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