Basic Indexing (Paper-Based) Course Details

Basic Indexing (Paper-Based) Course Details

Learn back-of-the book indexing techniques and the style of the University of Chicago Press, the most common style used by U.S. publishers. Get current information regarding the use of computers and benefit from hands-on training in actual index design. In this independent study paper-based course, you submit assignments to an instructor, who grades them and gives you feedback. Textbooks must be purchased separately. Take up to one year to complete.

Additional Information:
Ordertextbooks from Specialty Books. Select subject area Editing and Indexing, then select course.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who wants an introduction to the business of free-lance indexing (most back-of-the-book indexing is done by free-lance indexers).

Good knowledge of English fundamentals, alertness to detail and orderliness.

Required Textbooks
Order textbooks from Specialty Books.
* Lesson 1: Introduction to Indexing
* Lesson 2: Structure and Arrangement of Indexes
* Lesson 3: Editing, Layout, and Typographic Considerations
* Lesson 4: Structure of an Index
* Lesson 5: Term Selection
* Lesson 6: Creating a Reader-Friendly Index
* Lesson 7: Special Problems in Indexing
* Lesson 8: Evaluating Your Index
* Lesson 9: Computers and Indexing
* Lesson 10: The Business of Indexing
* Lesson 11: Submitting Your Index to a Publisher
* Final Examination
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