Bates Motor Home Rental Network Inc.
Bates Motor Home Rental Network Inc.

About Us
The Bates Motor Home Network, established in 1973, is the premier motor home rental franchise in North America. After more than three decades of experience in the RV travel business, Bates stands as one of the world's leading RV rental brands, and offers business and leisure customers quality RV products and services. Bates is also a factory direct dealer of new motor homes.

Bates continues to surpass the expectations of its clients and friends in the RV travel industry. Our dedication is more than our passion; it's our tradition. Our commitment has enabled us to expand internationally and become connected to cultures around the world.

The Bates Franchise Network has an unsurpassed flexibility and commitment to build customer loyalty. This is accomplished by applying a winning business strategy that drives the growth of the RV rental industry. Bates will continue to explore new markets and develop new strategic alliances. The company has a proven ability to create new ways to expand its market base.

The Bates team represents more than a century of travel service and safe memorable experiences through its headquarters in Las Vegas and a network of franchise locations in selected cities in the United States and Canada.

The Utah Public Safety Command in Salt Lake City selected Bates International to provide motor homes for the 2002 Olympics. After a rigorous competition, which involved select RV companies across the United States, the Utah Public Safety Command awarded the contract to Bates International.

The company and its founder have been featured in numerous publications such as: The Wall Street Journal, RV News, RV Life, Entrepreneur, Time-Life Books, Motor Home Magazine, Woman Magazine, RV Business and CNN television news.

Bates offers RV travelers - families, retirees, and adventurers - the best motor home experience and the opportunity to create memories every mile of the way. Meeting professionals, conventioneers and a multitude of business organizations are also a part of Bates' business clientele. They chose our premium motor homes to provide an atmosphere that inspires productivity, excitement and professionalism.

We invite you to learn more about our RV rentals, campground reservations, franchise opportunities and RV revenue sharing options. Above all, enjoy and experience the freedom and flexibility to journey in an RV!

Call Bates toll free at 800-732-2286 or click here to request information.

Bates International Headquarters
3690 S. Eastern Ave. Ste 220
Las Vegas NV, 89109
tel: 702-737-9050
fax: 702-737-9149
TOLL: 800-732-2283

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