Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology
Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology
525 SW 12th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97205
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About Us
Our History
ClassroomWe were established in 1960 by former owner, Norma Loucks. Ms. Loucks herself was a licensed cosmetologist, educator and teacher. Her concern was NOT the quantity of students, but the PROFESSIONAL QUALITY AND SKILL LEVEL of ALL completing students!

In 1973, Dianna Martin Peterson began her Cadet Instructor Training with Ms. Loucks, and worked to purchase Beau Monde College of Hair Design in order to continue the standards and philosophy articulated and espoused by Ms. Loucks. In 1975 Ms. Martin Peterson acquired Beau Monde College of Hair Design; continuing the progressive ideas and techniques firmly established within the Institution; and advancing in the areas of Hair Design, Facial Technology, and Nail Technology for both men and women.

Beau Monde College of Hair Design is a 12000 square foot facility l accommodating 400 Hair Design and Barbering students, 100 facial and nail technology students and therapy, ear piercing, body waxing and make-up training to accommodate the growing beauty services in Salons and Full Service Day Spa. The program offers several schedules to accommodate working students and students with families seeking a schedule to meet their personal needs.

Verify our accreditation
Our school is nationally accredited and has been training professionals in the arts and sciences of cosmetology since 1960. Beau Monde is the ONLY Pivot Point International Member School in the down town area. Pivot Point provides state of the art tools and implements, bar coded text books, artificial hair, laser disc technology with easy to learn techniques to accelerate learning. Renbow Elite Hair Coloring Company provides state of the art computerized hair coloring formulation and the most advanced training in the application of color and bleach. The tremendous growth and interest in the Cosmetology Field has prompted Beau Monde to expand their current operation to offer Day Spa training, Advanced Hair Coloring and Advanced training for licensed professionals.

Beau Monde College of Hair Design is the ONLY PIVOT POINT SCHOOL in the Portland area, and it is a great learning program. The course descriptions to the left will give you the details and course requirements.

What is Pivot Point?

Pivot Point is considered to be one of the most respected leaders in hair and beauty education. It is a family-owned company, which prides itself in developing the very best educational materials, programs, and systems for every facet of the beauty industry. From top salons to cosmetology schools, Pivot Point educational systems can be found readying tomorrow's beauty professionals today.

With four corporate cosmetology research centers and a network of over 2,000 member schools and graduate centers in 49 countries, Pivot Point is more than a beauty school educator.

And with the advent of MasterDesigner Systems, an innovative and interactive laser disc educational system aimed at salons, Pivot Point is also considered a mainstay in advanced salon education.

The Pivot Point Philosophy
Hair Design is an art form and you are the artist!

Pivot Point's educational philosophy was first developed by Leo Passage. As a world champion hair designer, he spent years creating his unique Scientific Approach to teaching hair design. It's based on the belief that hair design is an art form with hair as the medium.

Creativity without limits.
This artistic approach guides students and salon professionals through the basic elements of design: form, texture and color. They learn to visualize the elements as one, then mix and match them to create a selection of hair designs that's virtually endless.

Scientifically proven: it works!
To validate this revolutionary teaching method, we have consulted the University of Chicago Fine Arts Department and art design specialists and hair theorists the world over. Together, they have developed a total system of education known as Pivot Point's Scientific Approach to Hair Sculpture and Design. Register now and begin or enhance your beautiful career!

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