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About Beauty Schools Directory
Beauty Schools Directory is committed to being the most comprehensive, useful and informative resource for prospective beauty school students. We enable you to quickly and easily locate and compare thousands of beauty schools and cosmetology schools throughout the United Stated and Canada. We also provide expert advice to the most commonly asked questions to help facilitate your decision making process.

Owned and operated by Beauty Schools Marketing Group, Inc., the staff at Beauty Schools Directory is comprised of a team of marketing and sales experts with over 30 years combined experience. Our consultants have a lifetime of experience in the cosmetology industry to help assure that the needs of all prospective beauty school students are accurately met.

Prospective Students
If you are a prospective student looking for information on a specific school, please go to our home page. For questions on licensing issues visit our State Licensing Requirements page or our Common Questions and Answers section.

Schools Currently Listed on Beauty Schools Directory
If your school is currently a Featured Listing on Beauty Schools Directory and you need assistance, you can reach us at (800) 571-2246, or email us at

Want Your School Listed on Beauty Schools Directory?
If you are a school owner or director and are interested in knowing more about our unique system for helping Beauty Schools increase enrollment, please call us at (800) 571-2246, or email us at

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