Become a Makeup Artist

Become a Makeup Artist

Get Paid to Apply Makeup
Imagine having a fun, high-paying job that lets you use your creativity to make people look good. Welcome to the world of makeup artistry!

There are few jobs that offer so many benefits. As a makeup artist you will have the satisfaction of making your vision a reality.

A makeup artist is intimately involved in the most important and exciting events of people's lives, from weddings to the Academy Awards. Makeup artists get to work with celebrities such as models, actors, politicians, and musicians.

As a makeup artist you will have a rewarding job with flexible hours. If you start your own business as a freelance makeup artist you will enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. Top makeup artists get paid hundreds or thousands of dollars a day for their services. Plus you may get invitations to parties, admission to exclusive restaurants and clubs, or introductions to other celebrities you admire.

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