Becoming a Professional Organizer Start-Up Guide Kit

Becoming a Professional Organizer Start-Up Guide Kit

About the Kit
So you're serious about becoming a professional organizer?

There's a lot to think about…
There is an element of risk in starting any business. Eliminating that risk through knowledge and planning will lead to your success in the professional organizing business.

As you can see from the table of contents below, this extensive kit has everything you will need to get your business off the ground and running. The kit has been written to provide you with the latest information necessary to become a professional organizer.

Table of Contents:

* What is a Professional Organizer?
* Required Qualifications and Skills
* A Day in the Life of a Professional Organizer
* Hands-on Organizers Vs. Consultants

Starting Your Professional Organizing Business
* Deciding on a Name
* Developing a Logo
* Legal Structure
* Taxes, Licenses and Insurance
* Required Materials and Equipment
* Managing Your Finances
* Managing Your Records
* Business Plans
* Start-up Coverage

Income Potential and Rate Setting
* Rate Setting
* Researching Your Market
* Project v. Hourly Fees
* Initial Consultations

Marketing Your Professional Organizing Business
* Attracting Customers
* Advertising Options
* Gathering References
* Establishing a Portfolio
* Getting Referrals and Repeat Business
* Building Your Image
* Staying Ahead of the Competition
* Getting Financing

Paper Management
* The Six Truths About Paper and How to Conquer Them
* Where to File It, Where to Find It
* Other Essentials
* Critical Papers and Where to Keep Them

Time Management
* Planning and Prioritizing
* Creating Action Lists
* Controlling Procrastination
* Maintaining Balance

Work Management
* Goals and Getting Organized
* Time Management vs. Task Management
* The Commandments of Work Management

Household Management
* Establishing Household Management Routines
* Cleaning by Zone
* Minimum Daily Maintenance: The 15-Minute Principle
* Reducing Vs. Organizing - Deciding What to Keep and What to Toss

Space Management and Storage Solutions
* Getting a Handle on Storage Issues
* Organizing Supplies
* Measuring and Planning for Storage
* Organizing by Zone

Client and Project Management
* Record Keeping
* Keeping on Schedule
* Written Agreements and Contracts
* Keeping Your Clients Happy
* Billing and Accounting

Growing Your Professional Organizing Business
* Hiring an Assistant
* Getting Financing
* Keeping it Going

* Resources

Special Bonus: The Becoming a Professional Organizer Start-Up Guide Kitâ„¢ also includes all of the necessary forms and sample business letters that are needed to operate a professional organizing business.

Becoming a Professional Organizer
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