BellaOnline's Mission Statement reads:
BellaOnline provides an encouraging, supportive publishing community for women. We provide free training, support and promotion so writers may reach their personal and business goals. Overall, BellaOnline aims to provide high-quality, helpful, trustworthy content, at no cost, in a low advertisement environment for our millions of visitors.

BellaOnline is not a corporation, or an entity with large funding. In a world where most content sites are owned by TV and Media conglomerates, we are fiercely independent. We are a community of women who live all around the globe. We support each other, train each other, and together we strive to offer the highest quality content we can to our visitor audience. We do not do this for profit - as you've probably noticed, we run no pop-up ads, no pop-under ads, no interstitial ads. We donate many of our ad locations to charity organizations. We bring in solely enough money to pay our operational bills, so that our visitors can enjoy our site in as ad free environment as possible. Any extra ads that we have available go to charity organizations.

Our editors are never paid for what they write. They write solely about things they personally enjoy and believe in. If they recommend products, it is because those products are ones they have used and trusted. In turn, our visitors trust us to offer honest, unbiased information and guidance on our topics.

BellaOnline prides itself on being extremely ethical. We are the 2nd largest women's website on the internet, behind iVillage (owned by NBC). We do this all without paying for marketing, without having a big office or big budget. Other companies are extremely deceptive in how they operate and make claims. If you look at MediaMetrix, you can see many of those companies listed on their "Women's Site" reports! For example, is simply an advertising agency. Every blog and website that they put ads onto, they claim that that site is "part of Glam". In fact, many of those blogs also run Google AdSense and other ads in addition to the Glam ads! Does that mean those blogs are also "part of Google"? I've even talked directly with MediaMetrix. They admit that their reports only show ad networks, and don't care at all about an actual individual site providing content and value.

Here at BellaOnline, we don't fudge our numbers. We only count visitors to our BellaOnline site. Period. We, on our one site, with our own editors writing the content, get over 20 million pageviews a month. We are quite proud of that, and proud of our status.

We are glad that you have chosen to visit us!
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