Berrydog Bikinis & Swimwear Affiliate Program
Berrydog Bikinis & Swimwear Affiliate Program

About BerryDog
BerryDog Quality:
Our goal is to make sure you are happy with your Berrydog purchase, and in our opinion the best way to achieve this goal is by providing you with superior products at compelling prices. That is why our suits are made in the USA on a made to order basis unlike the lower quality mass-market stuff manufactured in the third world for designers like Calvin Klein, Armani, Polo and others. We use only premium quality fabrics and threads and pay special attention to detail and workmanship during the manufacture of our products.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it in new condition and we will be happy to exchange it - or provide you with store credit.(Please proceed to the customer-service page for details of our return policy)If you have any questions or need more information please feel free to contact us at:

Who is BerryDog & Where did he come from:
Nobody knows exactly who BerryDog is and where he comes from. All that is known is that he just appeared on the seen all of a sudden. Since his first appearance Fantastic rumors have surrounded and dogged him (no pun intended). Some say that he is the same hound that accompanied Christopher Columbus on his maiden voyage to the New World. Others say that he was abducted by aliens and given extraordinary abilities. What we do know is that he is a highly talented and very extraordinary canine. He is an accomplished poet, novelist, sculptor, physicists, physician, mathematician, and Techno-Wiz. He is sophisticated, stylish and cool. You'll never catch him chasing his tail or even a cat for that matter!

What is he doing here?
BerryDog's two biggest passions in life are fashion and traveling to the worlds most exotic tropical beaches. This site has been setup by him to bring to you the latest trends in womens swimwear/bikinis, exotic lingerie and clothing from around the world. He scours the world to develop and bring to you truly fresh concepts in beach, lingerie, clothing and swimwear fashions. Items that enhance and complement your independent and trend setting lifestyle. Inside this site you will find fresh and fun Womens Swimwear from Brazilian and Rio style Bikinis, to Tankinis and skimpy Thong Bikinis. In addition you will find original design lingerie and clothing. Take a look and see.

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