Book Review: Home-Based Business for Dummies

Book Review: Home-Based Business for Dummies
by Peter Hupalo, Contributing Author

If you contemplate starting a home business, you might want to pick up a copy of Home-Based Business for Dummies by Paul Edwards, Sarah Edwards, and Peter Economy. The book does a solid job of introducing many aspects of running a business from your home.

So, what is a home-based business? Paul and Sarah Edwards and Peter Economy write: "A home-based business is, not surprisingly, a business based in your home. Whether you do all the work in your home or on customers' or third-party premises; whether you run a franchise, a direct-sales operation, or a business opportunity...; if the center of your operations is based in your home, it's a home based business."

Home-Based Business for Dummies goes on to discuss direct selling opportunities, mentioning products offered by Amway Corporation (household products), Longaberger Company (baskets), and Mary Kay Cosmetics.

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