Bookminders Services

Bookminders Services

About Us
Bookminders is the premier provider of outsourced accounting and information management services for small businesses and nonprofit organizations, and is dedicated to being an industry leader in utilizing a home-based workforce.

In the early 1990ís, Tom Joseph founded Bookminders with the idea that he could attract top tier talent if he offered a flexible work environment. Itís a concept he devised when implementing an accounting system for his fatherís business. His sister agreed to act as the companyís bookkeeper, but only if she could do most of the work from home. They created an arrangement in which she would go onsite each week to collect their financial data but did the data entry from home when her schedule allowed. The seed of an idea was planted in Josephís mind. While conventional home-based businesses usually have a goal of growing beyond the home, Joseph describes Bookminders as a ìcottage corporationî, a business designed to deliver itís core service using a network of home-based employees.

Bookminders serves hundreds of clients with both simple and complex bookkeeping requirements in a variety of industries, including

* Nonprofit Organizations
* Retail and Franchise Operations
* Consulting and Professional Services
* Medical and Law Offices
* Technology and Start-up Ventures
* Construction and Contracting

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