Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies - Home Business

Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies - Home Business

Looking for a business that will leave all your senses squeeling with delight?

Looking for a a product line that would leave your customers returning again and again?

We've Got What You Are Looking For!

With over 100 million coffee consumers in the United States drinking an average of 3 cups each day, Brown Bag Gourmet offers simply the best in gourmet coffee, hot cocoa and cider that will bring your customers back for more!

To top it off, we carry a extensive line of accessories plus Variety/Start Up Packages for home and office. Add our catalog, and your presentation is complete.

there's even more!

Great Gourmet Drinks is only the beginning. Our lines of sweet treats are perfect for entertaining or simply treating your family like royalty.

What could be better? You can build a business based on time honored, great-tasting products bringing your customers back month after month. Imagine the possibilities!

Every work-at-home mom needs flexibility. You set your hours, and we offer the high quality products that equal a fun home business you are looking for. What's more, Brown Bag Gourmet makes it so easy to start:

Affiliate Plan:
* Affordable One-time Start-up Fee of $49.99 + shipping(invoiced to you upon approval of your Affiliate Application) includes your free start-up kit (coffee grinder, grinder brush, samples, start-up business cards).
* Emails Updates to keep you informed of specials, monthly features, and what's new.
* No Inventory
* Easy On-Line Ordering 24/7
* Free Credit Card Processing
* 10% Commission on RETAIL products for simply giving out your Link
* We process and mail all orders.
* High Quality Products
* 3% Commission on RETAIL orders placed by Affiliates you sign up through your link.
* Low Quarterly Purchase Requirement $25.00 after your initial six months of affiliation (your start-up fee carries you for six months while you get established in your business).

Please visit the website for more information.

Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies, LLC
PO Box 217
Ortonville MI 48462
Office Hours: Mon - Thurs 10 am - 3:00 pm

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