About Us
If you want only the best online advertising, you have found the right place. BulletAds is wholly owned and operated by Web Geek Solutions. We have been in the internet marketing industry and established ourselves for more than 6 years as one of the most preferred online advertising network in United States. We have revolutionized over the years, evolving and facing every challenging obstacles, making us one of the specialist in internet marketing. We have seen how the industry has grown; witnessing and learning from effective advertising campaigns that have gained huge success or from investment of multi-million dollars campaigns, only to be closed down. The years of bitter sweet experience has only taught us to be better and inspire us to be the best in online advertising.

BulletAds is the one-stop advertising solutions for our clients. Our advertising model is based on CPA/CPL (Cost per Action/Cost per Lead). Our clients (advertisers) will only be paying for result generated leads only. We pride our self in having one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the industry, where BulletAds' affiliates and advertisers are connected through our highly secured and vast network. It gives us great satisfaction in seeing the advertising campaigns of our advertisers are taking off successfully and affiliates profiting from the models that they adopt. No one takes in the best interest of both advertisers and affiliates like we do.

BulletAds' established office (or HQ) is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our other branch office is situated in Delaware, United States.

For further enquiries, BulletAds could be contacted at:

Email: support@bulletads.com

U.S Branch
501 Silverside Road, Suite 105
Wilmington, DE 19809
Voice: 1-773-409-9514
Fax: 1-773-409-9514

Kuala Lumpur Branch
280-3-1, Wisma Mutiara Genting,
Off Jalan Genting Klang,
53300, Kuala Lumpur.
Voice: (60)3-40229851
Fax: (60)3-40229851
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