Butterfly Boutique - Become a Coordinator
Butterfly Boutique - Become a Coordinator

Founder's Message
Some people ask me why I decided to start a company now. I've had a very successful career -- first building my own direct selling team; then I became president of a well-known direct selling company, and in 13 years we built that company from about $3 million to more than $500 million in annual sales; and a few years ago I retired early to enjoy life with my husband and spend time with our grandchildren. So, why Butterfly? And why now?

It's simple really. I love fashion and fashion accessories, and I love direct selling. But most importantly, I love helping people reach for their dreams and doing everything I can to make a positive difference in our world. And I believe that Butterfly can help do all those things. I'm so sure of that, in fact, that we added helping people and making a difference in the world to our Mission Statement.

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