CMIT Solutions Franchise
CMIT Solutions Franchise

About Corporate
Launched in 1996, Austin Texas-based CMIT Solutions (CMIT) is a leading provider of managed services and other computer consulting business services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). CMIT is uniquely capable of supporting SMBs anywhere, coast-to-coast in the U.S. by focusing on developing and maintaining a local, trust-based relationship with its customers. We provide computer consulting without the “geek speak”. CMIT offers a wide variety of services and products, including “enterprise-class” Technology Enabled Business Services, at prices small businesses can afford. Because of its growing geographic presence and partner programs, CMIT is a very attractive sales and/or support “channel” for larger firms, wanting or needing to reach the millions of smaller businesses. CMIT delivers these services through a national network of approximately 100 franchise locations in over 30 states.

Franchisees help customers leverage information technology to improve efficiency, save money, generate revenue, and minimize computer-related aggravation, often serving as the client's on-site IT department and IT consultant. Founded in 1996, CMIT Solutions has grown into one of the largest national organizations of its kind.

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The cost of opening a franchise
The size of your initial business investment will vary depending on market size, competitor pricing ranges, rental and labor costs, and other factors. You can expect to spend between $64,000 and $106,000 to launch your business, including a franchise fee of $39,950.

CMIT Solutions may suggest various sources of financing to you and, at your request, assist you in completing the necessary applications for financing. We would be glad to discuss your investment and financing options with you so that you can buy a franchise.

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