CMS Professional Accounting Software
CMS Professional Accounting Software

Integrated Accounting Software that allows you to make decisions based on fact, not feeling.

Newly released CMS PROFESSIONAL 2009! This latest version has been built upon the suggestions of our users. It offers new features and enhancements to our accounting, point of sale and fund packages focusing on ease of information retrieval, additional security measures and the ability to do more functions from just one screen.

For over 25 years, Cougar Mountain Software continues to develop and improve upon our most feature-rich and secure accounting, point-of-sale, and nonprofit software available - The CMS Professional lineup for small business accounting.

The beauty of our accounting packages and our greatest strength is our module integration. Changes in one are automatically reflected in all other relevant points in the software—no more entering the same information twice or waiting for other programs to sync up.

All CMS Professional small business accounting programs include robust and customizable reports, secure audit trails, the ability to connect multiple remote locations and include expert installation services. Additionally if you have a specific accounting need, talk to us about how we might be able to customize our software to fit your business.

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