Capitol Research Services
Capitol Research Services,
2940 Lake Lansing Road,
East Lansing, MI 48823

P: 517.333.3388
F: 517.333.4402

About Us
We are a full service market research services company serving a broad range of clients. We provide the facilities
and consultants to help you conduct qualitative and quantitative market
research reports for any industry from our headquarters in East
Lansing, Michigan.

Our experienced market research consultants
are committed to providing clients with accurate and reliable
information in a cost-effective, timely manner for making sound business
decisions. Since 1988, we have helped hundreds of clients in Michigan
and across the country by defining key research needs and integrating
customer information with marketing expertise to solve strategic
problems. Please contact one of our experienced team members to learn
more about how we can best meet your research needs.

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