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Launched in January 1998, Autofusion Corporation's San Diego-based consumer Web site,, attracts approximately 500,000 visitors a month and is responsible for more than $2 million in new-car sales each day.

The site features an easy-to-follow system, which guides consumers through the car-buying process. Prospective buyers can do research, utilizing needs analysis tools, car reviews, vehicle specs and pricing data. They also can build, compare, save and retrieve, multiple vehicles using Build-A-Car™, a new state-of-the-art configuration technology. Finally, they can buy a car through the company's SMART™ inventory search or Quick Quote retailing system. The Web site's direction, technology and vendor-independent business model have made it one of the most successful automotive sites on the Internet.

The Build-A-Car configurator is engaging and easy to use, featuring side-by-side car comparisons and highly accurate data. This configuration technology allows consumers to build a car to their exact specifications, from interior and exterior colors to specific options and packages.

Match Maker
Matchmaker is an advanced needs analysis application that recommends the best vehicles for the customer based on the customer's answers to a few simple questions about what is important to that customer in a vehicle. MatchMaker is the ideal front-end application for online consumers who don't know exactly what kind of car they want to purchase.

New and Used Car Research customers have at their fingertips various types of key vehicle and industry research to help educate them prior to making a purchase. Some of the types of information available to the them include: detailed vehicle specifications, vehicle MSRP and Invoice pricing, Top 10 Vehicle Rankings, Safety Ratings, Vehicle Recalls, Rebates and Incentives, and much more.

Compare Functionality
Within the Build-A-Car configurator, customers have the ability to compare up to 4 vehicles at a time side-by-side. These comparisons can be done across all makes and models, or targeted at only the other makes and models within the same class if the consumer desires.

My Virtual Garage
Customers can save their vehicle in a personal online garage and retrieve the vehicle at a later date. This allows the customer to return time and again without having to re-build their vehicle, so they can spend more time shopping rather than trying to remember what they built last week that they liked.

Price Quote
Once customers finish their research and shopping process, they will then have the opportunity to receive a free price quote from a participating Autofusion network dealer. Customers can choose to be contacted by these dealers at specific times of the day or evening and can also inform the dealer about their intended timeframe buy so the communication process is started on the right foot.

The Price Quote retailing system is the first online car-buying service that successfully drives down prices for buyers and increases sales efficiencies for dealers. Developed by Autofusion and launched in early 1998, Free Quick (Price) Quotes allow consumers to get price quotes from major Internet sites, dealers and dealer groups. By submitting Price Quotes to one or more dealers, does the comparison work for consumers by aggregating pricing through one simple process.

SMART Inventory products provide the customer with an online interactive experience similar to that of you being right there walking the dealer lot with the salesperson. Customers will be able to shop new and used vehicles all in one location and always find a vehicle that best matches what they are looking for. By using the SMART search, customers have the most efficient way to find a vehicle on the Internet today.

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