Carsten Aveda Institute

Carsten Aveda Institute
3345 S Rural Rd
Tempe, AZ 85282
Institute: 480-491-0449
Admissions: 480-491-1721
Fax: 480-820-3157

Develop Your Natural Talents
The Carsten name is synonymous with innovation and excellence.

Our graduates have found success and fulfillment in a remarkable range of careers. Carsten students have been hired by the finest coiffures across the country. An education at the Carsten Institute can unlock your talents and open doors.

At the Carsten Institute you will learn by doing. Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on experience you will learn the practical and technical skills you need to succeed. Under the direction and guidance of our licensed skillful staff, you will receive individual attention and personalized instruction - as you gain confidence and expertise. You will learn proven practical business strategies for establishing a clientele - or your own business.

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