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Centered Business

Yoga Studio Owners:
Are you struggling
to bring more success to your yoga studio?
You can smoothly manage your yoga studio and attract all the clients you can handle - without sacrificing your peace of mind.

Do you have your own yoga studio or want to open a studio? You're a yoga teacher working at someone else's studio; you've received your certification and want to start your own studio; you're giving private lessons to a few select clients out of your home; you're a studio owner right now...

...who wants to expand your professional yoga practice, but you struggle with the business side, don't get great results and don't know where or how to start running a successful studio..and you want to...

* Get much better results from your yoga studio...
* Create a river of clients that flow to you...
* Have a plan that makes sense and is both easy and affordable to implement...
* Revitalize your energy and your vision for your yoga studio re-ignited to the intensity it was when you first started out...

Hi, I'm Al Lipper, owner of Centered Business. And yes, there are better, more successful ways to run your yoga studio. If you want to accelerate your yoga business success, you've come to the right place.

I've been helping people reach their business and personal goals since 1991. I have developed several business tools designed specifically for yoga studio owners to help you run a more successful yoga studio more quickly and easily and with less hassle.

Are you someone we can help? Click here to find out. If you want to jump right in, get my free Yoga Studio Expert Guide today at the link below.

Free Yoga Studio Expert Guide Series + Free Tele-Seminar
You can start improving your yoga studio today by receiving my free Yoga Studio Expert Guides on the biggest mistakes yoga studio owners make in their business along with the top tips for starting up your own yoga studio.

These guides are bundled with a free monthly yoga studio business newsletter, Balanced Business, and a free tele-seminar. (For the tele-seminar, you can participate from anywhere in the world - all you need is a phone.)

Or jump right into...

Yoga Studio Workbook
This is a "greatest hits" collection of my most popular articles written just for yoga studio owners. As an added bonus, each article includes a detailed worksheet to immediately apply the principles to your situation.

Learn how to hire outstanding instructors, create a marketing plan, and discover the top secrets to getting your studio to perform.

Or read up on successful yoga studios:

Super Studios Manual
Created exclusively for yoga studio owners, this is a collection of interviews with successful yoga studios from around the country.

Get the insider secrets about both starting up as well as operating a successful yoga studio from people who have done it.

Or take part in a live virtual workshop:

Studio Owner's Path to Success Program is a 8-week program with participants from around the country, covering the key principles essential to operating a successful yoga studio.

Get connected with business solutions that really work by participating in a live and interactive forum designed exclusively for yoga studio owners. All you need is a telephone.

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