Clarksburg Beauty Academy

Clarksburg Beauty Academy
120 South 3rd Street
Clarksburg, WV 26301
Phone: (304) 624- 6475
Fax: (304) 624-6465


Clarksburg Beauty Academy was founded in 1966 by Dominick A. Policano and it has been owned operated by the Policano Family ever since. The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology & Sciences (NACCAS) nationally accredits the school. That means that it has been evaluated according to the highest standards in e industry. Having met these standards means that our dents are eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid in the form of Pell Grants and Student Loans. It also guarantees that our students get the best education possible. A Clarksburg Beauty Academy education has always meant personalized attention to the needs of each student.

Clarksburg Beauty Academy has earned a reputation for innovation. This spirit is responsible for the excellent pass rate that our students achieve on State Board Exams and the excellent placement rate of our students.

Clarksburg Beauty Academy Offers:
* Modern Facilities
* Progressive Teaching Methods
* Superior Curriculum
* Individual Attention
* Hands-On Training
* People Skills
* Qualified Caring Instructors
* Lifetime Placement

A Career as a Cosmetologist, Nail Technician or Massage Therapist Offers:
* The potential to earn an excellent salary .In a recent survey conducted by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences, the average full time salon employee earns about $38,500 per year, as a national average.
* You have the power to help others look and feel their best. Whether you're giving a child her first haircut, creating a beautiful do for the prom, giving manicures and massages to an entire wedding party, you'll experience the most meaningful moments of your clients' lives.
* You have career options! You can work as a hair designer, manicurist, skin care specialist or massage therapist. You can own your own business or manage a chain salon or spa. If you like to teach you can continue your education and become an Instructor. You can work in your hometown or on a cruise ship or at a resort. The possibilities are endless! !
* You work with a flexible schedule. There is almost always a salon or spa that's open the hours you want to work. If you need to work around caring for children or parent, it's possible. If you want to work all your hours in 3 or 4 days a week, it's possible.
* You have the ability to develop and pursue your creative and business talents at your own pace. Love the creative side of the business? Then there's the career path as a color specialist, artistic director, platform artist or even a stylist for movies, television or the theater waiting for you. Want to focus on your business skills? Then consider becoming a salon or spa owner or manager, a salon or spa coordinator, a regional manager for a chain salon or spa or a distributor for salon or spa products.
* You can take your career anywhere. The demand for qualified cosmetologist, nail technicians and massage therapist is growing across the country with a zero unemployment factor .

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