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About the Kingdom
Why take interest in us?
Click Kingdom welcomes you to the royal court where reputable products, proven success and a history of exponential sales growth come together for the benefit of our Affiliates.

Competition is alive and well on the internet and in order to be successful as an affiliate you must employ the most cutting edge technology and design. At Click Kingdom, we work tirelessly for our affiliate subjects, after all, your profit is our profit!

As one of the greatest affiliate programs on the internet, Click Kingdom can help you with banners, ads, and other applications. This is what makes Click Kingdom different: our ability to help you, the affiliate. We have great products that convert extremely well to sales and high commissions for you.
Why partner with us :

1. Commissions starting at 30% on all our products from multiple websites
2. “Down-line” 10% commission from all sales generated by people who you send to us as affiliates.
3. Full commissions on all mail, phone and fax orders.
4. Up sale commissions on products that people buy from our intelligent “shopping cart” check-out service.
5. The widest variety of promotion methods to help you sell on your website

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