ClickNwork - Changing How We Work

We help people work from home. Working remotely is already commonplace - our goal is to make working from home mainstream.

We started in 2000 and now manage hundreds of people around the world who deliver high quality services to top corporations, hedge funds and professional service companies.

At a time when companies are moving jobs offshore, we are promoting the vast and largely untapped resource of skilled and experienced people that want to work from home. Companies that have tried 'homesourcing' realize it can be as cost effective as offshoring but also brings quality gains and much more flexible staffing options. Working from home is also better for families and communities.

We hope you find this site useful - see how others use ClickNwork, our work options and how it works (and tell us what else you'd like to see here - we want this to be a great home-working resource). If you've read our site and want to be a candidate as we promote home-working and ClickNwork to companies, please register and enter your details.

If you're a company and want to learn how home-workers can bring real improvements to your business, learn more, or contact us.

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