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Cloud 10 utilizes At Home Professionals coupled with leading edge technology and one of the industry's most experienced management teams to provide market leading contact center solutions.

Traditionally, contact center outsourcing has been a viable business alternative when an organization could not perform certain functions due to internal skill set deficiencies, lack of contact center capacity or technical issues. But at its core, outsourcing has been seen as a solution to reduce cost associated with sales, customer service and technical support. The outsourcing of contact center services has catapulted contact center outsourcing from infancy into a multi-billion dollar industry in less than 15 years. As this rapidly evolving industry has matured and as companies have exhausted the cost savings associated with the initial economies of scale that an outsource provider can supply, they then began to look for more cost savings associated with utilizing lower cost labor -- and when that labor is in a lower cost region of the world, on the surface, it appears the cost savings is even better.

Corporations once encouraged by the opportunity to lower their total cost of sales, service and technical support are increasingly frustrated with customer complaints about language barriers and other miscommunications caused by differences in cultural norms, in addition to the hidden costs and complexities of moving work offshore. Coupled with the political backlash and the increasing employment saturation in countries like India and the Philippines, these same corporations are looking for new alternatives for cost takeout without compromising quality and productivity of their front and back office workforce.

This is where Cloud 10 fits in. Thanks to rapid technological advancements in Internet Protocol telephony and full featured hosted, contact center software, Cloud 10 provides an alternative to the outsourcing craze of the past. The benefits of a Cloud 10 solution are compelling. An ability to attract more experienced and better qualified agents, many of whom would never work in a traditional contact center. Lower employee absenteeism and turnover associated with a more mature workforce and with higher job satisfaction which translates into higher productivity. Because of our large, part time workforce, there is greater flexibility in accommodating split shifts and expansion of our customer's contact center needs with an ability to hire employees from a wider geographic base. Guaranteed levels of higher quality founded in leading training and knowledge management methods tailored to the needs of a distributed adult workforce. What you get is higher quality, increased levels of customer service with significant cost savings vs. the traditional "bricks and mortar" outsourcing alternative.

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