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Cobb Medical Transcription

About Cobb Medical Transcription
Cobb Medical Transcription, Inc. is a privately owned and operated service dedicated to supporting the medical community by maintaining accurate healthcare records. Our staff has over 70 years of combined experience in maintaining quality medical records from every specialty, including office chart notes, consultations, letters, pathology reports, radiology reports, operative reports, history and physicals, and discharge summaries.

CMT is a member of the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT), the recognized leader in establishing medical transcription styles, forms, and practices. Following guidelines as set forth by AAMT, we maintain an up-to-date reference library, which includes dial-up networking with sources of newly approved medical terminology.

Carol G. Northway, CMT, FAAMT, the owner, and all of our managers, are Certified Medical Transcriptionists and are required to maintain continuing medical education credits. We also encourage the continuing education of all our transcriptionists to facilitate the accuracy, clarity, and completeness of reports.

The goal of CMT is to use our medical language skills to translate a voice file into an accurate record of patient care in a dependable, confidential, and timely manner. Our experienced team of medical language specialists applies knowledge of terminology, English language rules, and anatomy and physiology to the art of medical transcription.

Mission Statement
Cobb Medical Transcription, Inc. is dedicated to providing the healthcare community the highest level of quality transcription and is proud to uphold this integrity. Through a national network of experienced medical language specialists and supervisors who are Certified Medical Transcriptionists, we are confident that our clients are protected by precise, accurate documentation. CMT assures ongoing excellence by our commitment to continuing education, confidentiality, and unwavering HIPAA compliance as demanded of our industry.

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