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Coffee Cup - HTML Editor, Flash & Web Design Software

About the CoffeeCup Team

So you want to know who is behind all the great software CoffeeCup has created? Well the first part of the team is us. The other part is our users. Since 1996 CoffeeCup has been creating hot brew and cool tools and making them available on the Web to download. Millions of people around the world have suggested software ideas and spotted things that could be better too. As far as the CoffeeCup team goes we are the coolest, hippest, funniest people on the planet and we love to make software you can actually use. If we can make the world better or your life easier by creating software, we are happy. That's what we are about.

About the Company
Inception: June 1996 (11 years goes fast on the Internet)

How we got our Name: The name 'CoffeeCup' came from the Domain name of the Coffeehouse where we started (yes we owned a real Coffeehouse first) The domain was already paid for so why invent a new name?

Programs: 32 All together, some have come and gone to the big recycle bin in the sky.

Employees: 23 - The core have always been here and others have left for greener pastures when they learned enough to leave the nest... bye bye little grasshoppers.

What keeps us going: Our team runs off of an unlimited supply of Red Bull, Mexican food, Jelly Bellies and passion for our users.

What we have done for society: Our goal at CoffeeCup Software is to make your life easier and more successful. Providing our users with great, affordable software is just one part of our culture. CoffeeCup Software has made a continuing effort to provide help to many causes. CoffeeCup provides discounted software to schools, the disabled and those in need. In the past we have collected 7 tons of goods for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, raised over 1 million dollars for September 11th support agencies and collected over $50,000 for Tsunami victims. CoffeeCup Software has enriched the lives of millions of people worldwide. We are very proud.

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CoffeeCup Software
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Atlanta, GA 30303

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Toll Free: 866.734.HTML (4865)
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