Coffee News Franchise

Coffee News Franchise
Coffee News originated in 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (CAN) and is the brainchild of Jean Daum, an expert in, not only advertising itself, but super-learning and subliminal techniques as well -- many of which she designed and researched herself to make Coffee News one of the most potent, yet affordable advertising publications ever produced.

Coffee News is a weekly publication delivered to restaurants , coffee shops and motels that also serves the advertising needs of small businesses. It has been proven that people absorb more advertising messages before or during eating, as there is a need for mental input -- food for thought-- during this time period. Coffee News is designed to take full advantage of this fact.

Coffee News has the week's funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, horoscopes, lucky numbers and more. Everything in it is fun and entertaining - no bad news here! It is a very big breath of FRESH AIR to millions of readers who are tired of hearing only the bad news. COFFEE NEWS IS POSITIVE. It provides the "other side of the news", - something that makes people SMILE!

Coffee News is not a multi-level marketing scheme. We firmly believe the person who does the work deserves the lion's share of the profits. With multi-level marketing, only the early participants make any real money and the rest struggle to lose the time and money they have already invested.

Anybody can be a successful Coffee News franchisee! It doesn't take years of training, megabucks in the bank, experience in business, age, race, or handicap, etc. The success is built-in. All you've got to do is make it available to those who need it most - your community's small-to-medium-sized businesses. These are the ones most in need of highly-effective, well in their price range advertising, to allow them, not only to keep their heads above water, but to practically catapult them into becoming first medium-sized, then the larger businesses of the future. After all, when McDonald's started as a new business it only had one location!

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