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About the College of Hair Design
At the College of Hair Design in Lincoln, Nebraska, we've helped many people make their dream of having a career in cosmetology and barber arts come true. We'd like to do the same for you.

In this competitive industry, new professionals must have thorough, hands-on training in every aspect of hair styling - exactly what the College of Hair Design has to offer.

The success of today's College of Hair Design is a direct result of the late Albert D. Howard's love and devotion to the profession of hair design. Mr. Howard, born and raised southeast of Beatrice, Nebraska, was in charge of "Ship's Service" in the U.S. Navy for five years during the Korean War. He was a licensed barber with unlicensed sailors working alongside him.

Upon his return to Lincoln in 1954, he began a barbering career that led to the opening of his own business, Al's Barber Shop, in 1955. By 1960, Mr. Howard was able to pursue his dream of operating a training school for barbers, by opening the Lincoln Barber College. The original school was housed in a vacant building and had used equipment. Barber training consisted of a six-month course followed by an apprenticeship.

In 1965, Mr. Howard branched out by purchasing the Omaha Barber College. One of the big changes in the profession came at about this time with the era of long hair. Barbers were really feeling a crunch. Young men who had been coming in for haircuts every three to four weeks suddenly weren't coming in at all! Barbers who couldn't style long hair were going out of business. Mr. Howard suffered through these times along with everyone else resulting in the collapse of the Omaha college.

Recognizing the need to grow and change with the industry, Mr. Howard started classes for barbers to learn "long hair styling," using the "M'Lord System" from Pivot Point International. Thus, the College became the first in Nebraska to use the Pivot Point System, which has since gained international success. The name of the school was then updated to reflect the change in the industry. Lincoln Barber College was renamed Men's Hairstyling College and renewed energy soon yielded filled classes.

The city of Lincoln had other plans for the block where the school was located, and a search for a new location led to the purchase of Ben, Your Hairdresser School of Beauty, from Ben Meyers. After extensive remodeling was completed in July of 1975, the students of Mr. Meyers' school and Lincoln Barber College began training together under one roof. It was with this merger of the two schools that the name "College of Hair Design" became established. College of Hair Design has the distinction of being one of the first schools in the United States to be licensed to train both cosmetology and barber arts students.

The 1980s brought many changes to the College. In November 1983, Mr. Howard passed away, leaving his responsibility of overseeing the College to his wife, Alyce, and his son, Greg. They made some changes during the years to follow, most notably: they increased the amount of hair design stations from 12 to 18 on the mezzanine level (there are 24 today), and from 36 to 47 on the main. To accommodate the many improvements to the school's facilities, 3,000 square feet were added to the existing 8,000.

Today Alyce Howard, still continues the tradition of a family-owned and governed school. She serves as President and Financial Aid Director of the College of Hair Design. Her son, Greg Howard, serves as Vice-President and School Director.

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